About us

BEOPUMPE is a company with life-long experience in production of centrifugal pumps, parts of centrifugal pumps, casting models manufacturing, overhauls and pump services and repairs.

Pump production program encompasses 14 families of various implementation, covering the working area of Q= 5-1100 m³/h and H 0-600 m. Main characteristics of our pumps are broad usage possibilities, contemporary construction solutions with wide performance spectrum and reliable longtime operation.

Elements of quality and reliability of our pumps are:

· Construction
· Choice of adequate pump
· Choice of adequate materials
· Quality control
· Precise manufacturing of single spare parts
· Easy maintenance
· Utmost safety

Pump parts are produced according to our own documentation, and when they are made of proper materials depending on working conditions, they are delivered upon buyer’s request with necessary quality certificate documentation.  Balancing of pump impellers is mandatory. 

Product testing is an important step in production process because it implies quality and product safety checks. Before every product is delivered, we perform operation and security tests, simulating its working conditions. 

We have production capacities for casting, mechanical processing, assembly, outdoor installation and service. We also possess a test station for probing all necessary working parameters of a product.

We are continually developing new types and sizes of pumps, having in mind high quality and safety in concordance with European and international standards.

We always find optimal solutions for individual cases, based on our expertise and experience, which enable the choice of pump type and size as well as the most suitable materials to be used.
Our presence in energetics, water supply, process and chemical industry, sugar refineries, food and paper industries etc. testifies of our products’ quality.

For all kinds of advice and technical help please contact our administrative and technical services.



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